Elyse Montague

Elyse Montague received a BA in Film and Video at Hampshire College in western Massachusetts and taught film and video production at the Rockport Film College and at the Maine International Film and TV Workshops in Rockport, Maine. His film and video work explores representations of the genderqueer body within social, medical, and personal spaces. Montague’s first film, Through the Skin, is a short experimental autobiographical documentary illustrating the misdiagnosis of an androgynous child on the brink of puberty. His current project, Maine, Arizona, is a feature length fictional development of his latest film Well Dressed, a short essay film that interrogates bodies in transition, in particular those which are transgender and/or pregnant. His films have shown at the Media Arts Festival in Osnabruck, Germany, The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the Paris Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival, the Anthology Film Archives in NY, and The Dashanzi Arts Festival in Beijing, China. Montague’s work is distributed through Women Make Movies in New York.

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