James Enos


Current "Relational Urbanism" research directive in collaboration with Kael Greco.


I am charting a critical interpretation of modern technology and the economic channels that survive it as well as its eventual socio-urban implications; not for their futuristic promises, but for their role in the capital urbanizing power process. I am seeking to provoke dialogues that serve as operative diaphragms for eventual human insertion. Meaning, I wish to embrace a combination of theoretical visual art and its manifestation into socio-urban spaces. This requires the combing of greater systems to log functional dependencies (specific typologies, infrastructures, locales of commerce, institutions, etc.). This intention is to reintroduce contemporary social life as center, rather than product, and further embed it into supportive typologies.

Photo Construction/Shots

I5 / SR14 Infrastructure Colonization + Consumptive Abundance Exploitation (from Thesis: The Compoundable War for Architecture to Sustain Connectivity M.arch - New School 2005) This project proposes a human-scaled diaphragm intended for multiple authorship and the continual adaptation of habitat. It is a Petri dish for a social re-direction; out of our historic faults and manipulated privatization schemes and into a communally restructuring process that takes advantage of our market dependencies. For example, increased efficiency driving cost/production structures to attainable minimums is achieved by locating and further isolating critical points, dynamic geographies of abundance, or of capital activity for use. Moreover, by formalizing our colonization within exchange mediums we increase our ability to weather class deprecation from continual restructuring processes of comparative advantage and industrial selection.


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