Nina Waisman

As technology gains access to previously unarticulated territory - the passages between poses, the body's rhythms, the time and space between and around events - it is worth considering what is at stake. Will our need to navigate this evermore minutely mapped world lead to increased expressivity, increased constraint, both, or something in between? Every "advance" in the ability to capture information increases the turf over which battles between enclosure and expression will be fought. Whose rhythms will guide our bodies' understandings of these increasingly data-mined spaces?

I am interested in leading people to consider or perform forms and acts positioned between the articulate and not, between the coded and not. By introducing technology to basic processes - walking, listening, form-generating - I hope to bring up some of the subtler turf-wars fought gesturally and rhythmically between control and creativity in our increasingly scripted environments.

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