PG Toys

Introducing PG Toys!

PG is Pipi and GiGi with collaborators Micha Cárdenas, Jennifer Stanley, t.k.z. and Elektra Thunderbunny. We like sewing and DIY crafts.

We are two genderqueer people who are impacted by the gender binary everyday. PG Toys is one of many art and craft projects we will be collaborating on to encourage more fluid ideas about gender. We want to create things which promote fun and play.

We strongly value community building and have already incorporated suggestions from numerous bloggers, friends and other community members into our first toy.

Collaboration is central to our work and play. The more, the merrier! We enjoy the process of making art together.

DIY crafts are important to us because we don't like "experts". We want to spread knowledge about art making instead of just making art.


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PG Toys
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