Katherine Sweetman

Katherine Sweetman is a nationally and internationally exhibited artist in the fields of both new media art and documentary video. Her current work deals with online social networking sites and the issues surrounding personal disclosure in the public realm of the World Wide Web.

Her major areas of research involve public disclosure of private information in both online and offline environments. Katherine is currently working independently on YouTube Relevance Projects for her MFA thesis show and collaboratively on two large projects with artist Felipe Zuniga and the artist collective The Infinity Lab.

Some major themes in Katherine's work are:
-Disclosure of secrets
-YouTube video trends and response mechanisms
-The forgotten online artifact, for example, the forgotten YouTube video or Flickr photograph or text-based blog
-The idea that internet users may be seeking participation in a form of "divination" when they query a word in a search engine
-Video blogging for video bloggers, "Why do people video blog?"
-Public, performative interventions using private thoughts



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