Kelly Pendergrast

Born and raised in the windy isles of New Zealand, I arrived in San Diego in 2005 to pursue an MFA and make films. I was quickly sidetracked by the California sun and forays into installation, handcraft, and a short-lived stint as a columnist for a disappointingly heteronormative porn-for-girls website, but now I'm back on the (filmmaking) wagon.

My San Diego sculpture/installation/craft work has been about interactivity, hot glue, the colour red, and an implied critique of the digital realm as a space for activism and sociability. Eg: what would the internet would be like if it was shoddily constructed of trash and string? How would a rhizome function if it were made out of real people? Am I an anti-technology philistine? Maybe.

Currently, I'm working on a fictive documentary loosely based on the story of a political movement in New Zealand in the early '80s. This film combines stop-motion animation and live action, and has morphed into a meditation on crowd politics, bodily propinquity, and the hysterical group.

Other influences: Temp jobs, Moby Dick, limited funds, Laurie Anderson.


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