Sharing is Sexy

In looking at most mainstream porn, we don't see ourselves and our friends. In response, we are creating the porn that we want to see. In our project, we are sharing our bodies with you willingly. We're in control, do not change the channel. Our collective practices consensus. Everyone has an equal voice in what we do and how we do it. We are examining the question of open source porn while respecting the work of sex workers. We're in this to create change.

In doing so, we have created a collective, Sharing Is Sexy (SiS) and are building a porn-positive and sex-positive community in our home of San Diego, California. Beyond the website, we are also organizing events that advocate sex-positive ideas, having porn watching nights, hosting burlesque shows and making zines. Did we say sharing? Sharing builds community. By fulfilling our own desires and finding those with shared desires, we've got each other's backs, in more ways than one.

SiS is a collaborative open source porn laboratory. We are a group of queer people, transgender people and people with othered bodies coming together to create a site for free porn that is licensed under Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA 3.0). We are creating our own porn using photography, video, writing or any form that suits us. SiS is polyamorous so, we are open to new members and looking to collaborate.


Shane Anderson
Seth Augustine
Robert Becraft
Susy Bielak
Rich Bott
Crystal Z Campbell
Ted Chung
Leigh Cole
Matthew Coors
Cathy de la Cruz
Monica Duncan
James Enos
Deanna Erdmann
Kael Greco
Chris Head
Nico Herbst
Kate Hoffman
Scott Horsley
Sara Hunsucker
Glenna Jennings
Merve Kayan
Lasse Lorentzen
Vince Manganello
Esteban Martinez

Dolissa Medina
Gretchen Mercedes
Charles G Miller
Jesse Mockrin
Zac Monday
Elyse T Montague
Adam Moyer
Owen Mundy
Boredom Patrol
Clare Parry
Kelly Pendergrast
Omar Pimienta
Iana Quesnell
Louis Schmidt
Tim Schwartz
Sharing is Sexy
Katherine Sweetman
Rachel Thompson
Nina Waisman
Kate Wall
Julia Westerbeke
Yvonne Venegas
Claire Zitzow
Felipe Zuniga