Suzanne Wright

For Joseph Campbell each person's life can be seen as a mythical journey into the unknown, to discover the true self. It is about leaving behind the familiar, the comfortable and the safe to embark on a process involving danger, confusion and loss. Each of us must take this journey alone and if the quest is truly our own the 'doors' will open; the 'portals' will appear for us to go through. A piece of art acts as a portal, into some other place or time or idea. For me the process of making something is a journey from the known to the unknown. If I know what's on the other side of the doorway why would I go on the journey in the first place? I use low tech means to travel to a high tech destination. The viewer takes the journey in their mind. What is on the other side?

uzanne Wright was born in New London, Connecticut. She earned her BFA at Cooper Union and Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Most recently she is a participant in Darin Klein & Friends present: Suzanne Wright at Amy Adler's Echo Park studio in April, she was included in the San Diego NOW show at the Oceanside museum of Art, Oceanside, CA in 2009. She has shown internationally and across the US with three solo shows in New York, Dechira/stewart Gallery in 2000 at Stefan Stux in 2001, and Monya Rowe in 2004 when she also attended Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture.

In 2006 she was included in exhibitions at Stephen Friedman Gallery, London and at Wizenhausen, Amsterdam. Recently her work was part of the group show "Empire of this" at Claire Oliver Gallery in NY, "Sexy Times" at Morgen/lehman Gallery and "I-podism" in Galway Ireland. Suzanne Wright's work can be seen in many publications including 'Armpit of the Mole' and 'Into the Abyss' by Adam Putnam. For the last two years she has been adjunct teacher for undergraduate and graduate sculpture at UCLA and is currently a candidate for her Masters at UCSD. In 2006 she and her partner started a bi-annual art event showing the work of contemporary artists at their home in the Catskills, NY called 'Future 86.' They are in the process of creating a summer exhibition space and are planning the summer of 2010 show.