Allison Spence

"We... are in a society of 'sex,' or rather a society 'with a sexuality': the mechanisms of power are addressed to the body, to life, to what causes it to proliferate, to what reinforces the species, its stamina, its ability to dominate, or its capacity for being used...power spoke of sexuality and to sexuality; the latter was not a mark or a symbol, it was an object and a target. Moreover, its importance was due less to its rarity or its precariousness than to its insistence, its insidious presence, the fact that it was everywhere an object of excitement and fear at the same time. Power delineated it, aroused it, and employed it as the proliferating meaning that had always to be taken control of again lest it escape..." ---Michel Foucault, History of Sexuality, vol. 1

"Women do not set themselves up as Subject and hence have erected no virile myth in which their projects are reflected...they still dream through the dreams of men." ---Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex