Brianna Rigg

As an artist, I am split between the roles of consumer and producer. I shop at thrift stores. I arrange, and rearrange the items that I purchase. I also make things, such as the roof faŤade of an old school Taco Bell building, and the giant Winnie the Pooh bookend, that intersect in Fuzzy Logic, 2010. My practice is primarily concerned with deconstructing the language of objects. My work investigates the histories, power relations, and psychological motivations that lead to the production of cultural artifacts. With the objects that I make by hand, I am examining why certain things from my childhood such as, The Little Mermaid, The Guinness Book of World Records, and Taco Bell, have a monumental presence in my memory- and I am questioning the assumptions that lie behind those memories. The addition of found objects to hand-built forms allows me to disrupt my own assumptions by challenging the monumental with contingencies, and by placing the personal within a context that is historical. My work is not about fixity. It engages material exchange, as a form of language, a language that, like any other, must constantly mutate to remain expressive.