David White

David White uses art historical conventions as a method of engaging individuals or groups at the scale of the neighborhood. Through the recontextualization of these conventions, he creates forms and situations that encourage, whether individual or participatory, open systems of production and distribution that can advance new interpretations of the everyday and public discourse. In 2007 White founded a space in San Diego that re-imagines the form of the gallery as site of long-term engagement with a specific locality. This project, known as Agitprop, serves as organizing point within a distributed network of institutions, individuals, and organizations. Agitprop initiatives include the establishment and co-curation of an annual performance series at the San Diego Museum of Art, the collaborative organization of a multilayered four day event which challenged notions of redevelopment in a regional neighborhood, and currently, a collectively organized feasibility study to see if a "university" could be established from existing neighborhood spaces.