Ela Boyd

I wonder what happens in the realm of ideas that is lost in the translation of physical space? By mediating sculptural and digital materials, the interplay of virtual forms and actual forms, I compose installations that function as interfaces. I employ methods of transfiguring time and space, mapping the intangible onto the real and generating awareness of seeing the self seeing. These methodologies are based in a discourse of phenomenological issues regarding ontology, perception and consciousness. Additionally, I am positioning these issues within the context of aesthetics, transcendence and the sublime. This is increasingly more relevant today when scientific and technological systems like the Internet, telepresence and Quantum Physics shift the subject/object relationship and inform our sense of incorporeality. Is it possible that in addition to the world shifting based on how you perceive it, the actual object itself changes simply because you observe it? With the use of superimposition as a way of simultaneous seeing, I attempt to evoke an experience that fuses various modes of visual perception. Using this synthesis of presences and appearances to convert the perceptual machine into an imaging faculty. This interface becomes praxis for a conscious occurrence of perceiving and creating simultaneously. Hence producing a paradigm that turns the passive viewer into an active architect of the perceived world.