Emily Verla Bovino

Excerpt from notes for a radio drama entitled Defenestration and the Absurdity of Death by Falling

"above all, the artist would have conjured an image of himself as the wittiest of witnesses. It was here that he would have reveled in his tragic inadequacy. The irony that had once served the skeptical solipsist's positive evasion of any substantial relation to the world had devolved into what he would have called cynico-egoist "punnery".

To clarify, timely punchlines and shaggy-dogs were not at issue: it was the brevity, simplicity and immediacy that were beyond him. Not that he would have been unable to concoct a clever retort if the situation demanded it -- he was a charming fellow and was sensitive to the desires of others. Wit was a form of self-disgust that served to discipline both artist and appreciator under the tyranny of contrived empathy. And since his reductive thinking prevented him from expressing unsatisfied cravings, any corrective hostility would have understandably been untenable. In his defense, he would have naively posited that the aesthetic had not always been the schizoid consumptive syndrome of resemblance infinitely refracting in self-same likenesses.

He would have withdrawn from his own retreat and looked to compensate by chalking a flowering bubble around his lack of a "practice."" If art had become wit -- a dissemblance reproducing the incommensurability of that infinitesimally small distance between the actual world and the represented world-- then he could very predictably terrify the public from the radical position of lack and tantalize potential appreciators with his awkwardness. In referencing the coercive economy of this double-bound cruelty, his actions would be considered precisely what they were not (a gasp and the rush of water from a tap) resulting in a keen recombination of sublimated self-love and glorified autotelic absorption. In this condition of objectifying everyone else as a character in consensus, something-as-something rather than something-as-nothing might have managed to finally be proposed as a solution."