Emily Sevier

My work is a search for the moment of convergence, when fantasy and reality begin to trade places. Specifically, my interest is the mirroring within this moment of intersection. Fantasy begins to reflect reality and the mystical is described in terms of the material. Like the world Alice finds on the other side of the looking glass, populated with familiar items operating in unfamiliar ways, the fantasy world of our creation is tied to the mundane world of the everyday. The vocabulary used to describe and understand the uncanny is the vocabulary of accessibility. By translating the mystical into the familiar, it becomes tame. Order is given to chaos. Conversely, chaos is given to order. The banal becomes divine, undergoing a transfiguration.

The act of making is the process through which the mystical and the material converge. Making becomes a ritualistic act, in which fantasy is given form. It is a yearning to touch the intangible and a desire to harness magic. Through making there is a glimmer of hope for a new reality to be created.