Jessica Sledge

I saw a boy on a playground once

who seemed to be
being ridiculed
for wearing his hat upended.

A hat upside down
is absurd,

but so are so many things.

past projects:
** an operetta (La Boheme 2 - composed by Philip Skaller) performed with a 13 piece ensemble and 3 female opera singers in the alley of a swanky condominium complex (La Boheme - North Park, San Diego) followed by a procession and screening in an abandoned city lot
** a silkscreening workshop on the sidewalk in front of a local laundromat in which participants made shirts that read Could ________ be a museum?, using the laundromat dryers to set the ink (a collaborative project headed by David White, part of a 4-day event called There Goes the Neighborhood, June 2010)

current projects:
** a trip through the University Art Gallery archives in which Micki Davis and I pay homage to J.O. Mallander, a Scandanavian sound artist who, feeling left out of the Fluxus excitement, reached out to David Antin from across the sea in 1969. We awaken and release one voice - the artist - from the turntableless archive, while capturing another - a new audience, the attendants of Archive Fever.
** an outdoor sound installation whereby cities can meet and become acquainted through experiencing the "music" of each other's streets
** an apprenticeship to my neighbor, a tough cookie in her late 60's. Lessons will include: Lesson #1 - how to sew your own fall, Lesson #2 - how to patch and repair a rain tarp in the Modernist tradition, Lesson #3 - how to make a lampshade
** some sculptures and drawings - come to my studio for a mint julep and more information!