Suzanne Wright

Within my work the bodies of women are used to pose deep and difficult questions about the history and nature of power within our western culture. As a child I was fascinated by the images of naked women in Oui and playboy magazines, unaware of the power of the 'male gaze'. Now, I use these same images and assert my own 'female gaze' into the picture and create a dialogue with the past. I have always been attracted and seduced by giant structures of power, their immensity, complexity and beauty at odds, somehow with their overwhelming presence. They have transformed in my work from representing symbols of male power in opposition to the female body to being the metaphor of the body itself. Now transforming the architecture into a technological vehicle capable of carrying a spectrum of readings. My wall-sized drawings allow the subjects to become larger than life; like giants.

In my collages and drawings, structures simulate and fuse with the body. This body is not always represented but elements of its framework resonate in the images. Function is removed from the architectures depicted and they are often reduced to orificial devices. Often my initial excitement when beginning a body of work, whether referencing the experience of Penthouse as a child and more recently my fascination with Quantum Physics, becomes the investigated subject that is rooted in the comfort of evocative memories, while also exploring the slippage between imagined progress in the 70's versus the reality of our present experience of the predicted and not yet realized future