Adrienne Garbini

I strive less and less for brevity.

This is an unordered 10 point list:

- Fecund avolition.

- Paralytic cathexis.

- Avid counterphobia.

- Ambitious lethologica.

- Quixotic verbigeration.

- Fickle idea of reference.

- Auspicious derealization.

- Oppositional defiant order.

- Ineffable concrete thinking.

- No problems/no future/no past/no

  never/no worries/no regrets/no work/no

  thing/no bother/no way/no choice/no comment/no

  wonder/no kidding/no more/no light/no cover/no clarity/no

  nothing/no relevance/no gut/no now/no joke/no what/no rest/no

  time/no meaning/no space/no luck/no life/no point/no match/no issue/no

  words/no right/no less/no mind/no confusion/no idea/no complaints.

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