Hermione Spriggs

(trap as chiasm as relational form/ empathy, paradox and vulpine contortions)

My Research intersects and interrogates the overlap between being human and being 'thing'. Works explore the relationship between ethnography and the Visual Arts, in an attempt to materialize the anthropologically unthinkable.

Previous pursuits include a BSc in Anthropology, with interests in animal trapping and the nature/culture dichotomy leading to a fellowship at Mildred's Lane Pennsylvania, and applied research into noxious weed behavior with artist Mark Dion. Working primarily in collaboration, I have conducted various site-specific projects and public infiltrations in the UK and USA and am currently part of research networks The Culture of Preservation (AHRC, UCL) and Something from Nothing: Fearless Speculations in Art, Science and Activism (UCSD Centre for the Humanities).

Sponsored by GSA and UCSD Vis Arts