Jamilah Abdul-Sabur

The house, the fish, and the salt are the three things that have remained with me since my first visit out to the Mojave Desert/Salton Sea region. I was walking, and walking on dead fish. So you walk on this substance, this thing that has intact anatomy. It becomes the floor, the ground in the space. The dead fish haven't been removed; you can see that this dead thing exists. The Wonder Valley houses are similarly preserved by the elements. The duality that exits in the Mojave Desert region is all about preservation. A situation or nature that has two states or parts that is complementary and opposed to each other. The harsh weather that carries with it the preservative salt. The body and the soul...
In a dream or daydream your face disappears, you become an agent of the created environments. The figure can be a flat archetypal
statuary entity you can move in and out of; whereas a character is more nuanced, identifiable, has defined character traits. An agent is a type of being that can be a sort of conduit that transfers energies in a space.

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