Kristen Gallerneaux Brooks

The Revenant Archives was founded in Detroit, MI, in 2006. It is concerned with the visual and material culture of the paranormal. Consisting of artifacts, documents, ephemera, works on paper, and reconstructions, these idiosyncratic archives are an active space in which folkloristic, parapsychological, and other means offer new interpretations of ambiguous situations and investigate the conflicts and byproducts of belief in society.

An overarching focus of research within the archives is investigating how one might "read" an artifact once it has been interacted with by assumed paranormal energy. Does it become something charged with extraordinary embedded power? Or does it remain a banal object? The poltergeist is an ongoing character in these attentions.

The Revenant Archives holds the view that the material and visual culture of the paranormal is not static, but are imbued with a record of belief and attitude, serving as a locus point that simultaneously documents belief negotiation and performative actions of the same. The liminal zones of the paranormal are thresholds at which the intersections of belief, science, and modes of human creativity converge to create new forms of experience.

Acting as chief archivist, Kristen Gallerneaux Brooks was raised in a Spiritualist household in rural Ontario, Canada. She is a first year PhD student in the Art Practice concentration of the Art and Media History, Theory, and Criticism program at UCSD, and holds a BFA from the University of Windsor, an MFA in Printmaking from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, and an MS in Folklore from the University of Oregon.

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