Matt Savitsky

So, I'm a big guy, 6'2", 245lbs. I hold it well and I'm not totally hideous. In fact I'm

kind of cute in the right light when I'm standing in front of a funhouse mirror. If

you're looking for stats., try But seriously, you guys are really a bunch

of friggin pretentious bitches! I've been in a few LTRs with guys that I KNOW

were way hotter than me, so I can't be all that bad.

My LTRs were very unhealthy in the psychological sense, but I'm beginning to

think I'd be better off living the rest of my life in fear of my partner goin off his

meds than be out in the gay world as a single guy.

I'm one of those men that once you spend some time with, you tend to fall for-

unfortunately for me lately its all once and done. I'm a masculine, nice, caring,

decent lookin guy with his own place, a good paying and fulfilling career, no

debt, educated yet down to earth, funny yet thoughtful, great blue eyes, a couch

cuddler, an explosives expert in the sack, love to laugh, and be involved in many


Yeah, I could probably lose a few pounds and maybe I should have my third

arm removed, but I am what I am... if that's what you bitches mean by taking

care of yourselves, which oddly enough includes sucking everyone off and

barebacking...apparenly STDs don't detract from your healthy lifestyle... whatever

doesn't kill you (or your partners) makes you stronger right?

Honestly, I'm not sure why I'm telling you this...maybe I just needed to vent.

Maybe you understand what I'm talking about (cuz I don't!), or maybe you're part

of the gay moral majority and accuse the conservatives of being haters.

And go ahead... flag me if it makes you feel better...



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