Nichole Speciale

Excerpt from Thoughts...

How does internal reflection work? And how can I use it in my practice? The way I am thinking about a line, as its own being, as having its own identity and then how it can mimic itself, reminds me of how at a certain angle a line of light traveling through a material gets trapped within the material. It is forced to become self involved. What happens to the patient who becomes trapped in his or her body? That person is trapped and forced to remain inward, no exchange with the environment. Can a work of art, or a practice for that matter, behave in this way while acknowledging the external art world? Working intuitively in a context of the conceptual seems this way. Are my material choices imbedded with metaphoric meaning? I am inspired by comedic mimicry, does humor come across in my work? Is pattern frivolous? If it is, can I use it to imply a lightness to the work? Can I make it, on the surface, appear meaningless? Is writing a statement in questions an avoidance of commitment to a real subject? Do I want the work to provide the statement without the muddiness of my confused words? Am I the trapped patient, unable to communicate? Or am I using total internal reflection as a discursive metaphor: if you stay within the drawing, the attention won't be on me?

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