Collective Magpie

Collective Magpie is Tae Hwang & MR Barnadas + Participants

MR Barnadas & Tae Hwang are a transnational collaborative team. Under the name "Collective Magpie", their work focuses on the creation of migratory collective forms, invoking and involving participation in the manifestation of their ephemeral and nomadic works. Through site-specific installations, exhibitions and public projects, their work seeks to inhabit and prolong a shared "moment of transit" while highlighting the temporal specificity of places and communities as part of a living, greater whole.

Our current project, CONTRACT, is a trifurcated investigation that explores an intersection of public, private and institutional space. This work is being simultaneously constructed in the form of a US legal document, through retrofitting state architecture and within an intimate public ceremony.

Sponsored by GSA and UCSD Vis Arts