Kara Joslyn

K.J. 2014

The same year my parents purchased the first home computer with a graphic interface, I was born. I learned to draw, not first on paper, but with paper and the computer simultaneously - specifically in the program “Macintosh Draw.” My work is still based in the combination and use of old and new technologies through process and subject matter.

I am not interested in nostalgia, but I am forever fascinated by this investigation of material reproduction and authenticity in our contemporary world post-2000. My attraction to these oppositions is in how looking in itself connects this materiality to the liminal through framing, staging and illusion.

Just as technology has the ability to blur the act of painting into a brand of pixilated instant gratification, I choose to juxtapose one against the other, conflating sensations both historical and futuristic like archaic photoshop and holographic trompe l’oeil.

Sponsored by GSA and UCSD Vis Arts