Tanya Brodsky

My most recent body of work is informed by an exploration of the interrelationship between bodies, motion and spaces. I am fascinated by the mutual influence that occurs between spaces and their occupants, both on the larger geo-political scale, and the more immediate patterns and rhythms of everyday life. I am especially interested in the implicit code of movements, postures and objects as it influences the formation of social interactions and individual identities. I am drawn to moments of displacement within spaces and motions, where the language of this code becomes fleetingly visible.

For the past year, I have been delving further into my investigation of the relationship between motion and sculpture through a collaboration with choreographer Jennie Marytai Liu. Titled “Actress Fury,” the resulting performance features a series of objects, each sculpted to occupy the negative spaces of the body in different positions. Arranged as a kind of obstacle course, these objects chart and momentarily freeze the dancers’ motion. The performance runs at the Bushwick Starr in Brooklyn through February 15.

-Tanya Brodsky

Sponsored by GSA and UCSD Vis Arts