Trevor Amery

My art practice functions as a means to pursue personal impulses to indeterminate ends; to work with my hands, problem solve, learn new skills through master craftsmen or youtube, and either delve into research or descend into the maelstrom of making.

Whether employing saunas and parties, games played, or coffees shared, as platforms for artistic discourse I have discovered dialogical histories to be more fruitful than written. Through object making and social sculpture I challenge how physical space can both facilitate and frustrate communication and also influence ritual behavior. How do culture and environment influence adaptations? How we move through and relate to space, both public and private? What are the politics of participation and agency?

I am fascinated by this whole post-knowledge, we-can-learn-everything-in-a-weekend kind of culture today. In this vein of deskilled democratization, how does a proposition or a gesture affect a visceral reaction? How can one complicate object ecologies, queer orientations, subvert function, and get to a place that is "more than the logic of...?"

My goal is to encourage alternative possibilities for the human relationship to the object: architectural, discrete, social, or environmental.

Sponsored by GSA and UCSD Vis Arts