Artemisa Clark

On September 8, 1985, Ana Mendieta fell out of the 34th floor bedroom window of the apartment she shared with then-husband Carl Andre. She was heard yelling "No" multiple times by a passerby. Andre was arrested and sat before a trial not by jury but rather heard and decided upon by a single judge. He was found not guilty of her murder, which could either be the truth or the result of egregious errors made by the police in the first hours after Mendieta's death, such as not photographing the body and allowing both Andre and his lawyer to enter the apartment from which she fell while it still should have been treated as an active crime scene. He has since spoken of the night, but each account he gives is different from the last. Most recently, he said that she slipped while trying to close the window, finally (after years of not) acknowledging that she did indeed yell "No." In order to do this, she would have had to climb atop a heater that was nearly her own size to stand at an open rectangle 34 stories above ground when she was deathly afraid of heights.

On March 3, 2012, I was at a friend's friends' band's show at Porter's Pub. At some point, while those friends were playing, I was handed a drink that I consumed most of. I remember slivers of what happened next - the struggle to walk the incredibly familiar .3 miles to my studio - not as something that happened to me, but as something that I had dreamed or watched in a movie. I woke up the next morning assuming that I had gotten too drunk again, this time truly frightening those who most cared for me. It was only after discussing the events of that night with those I was with that it became clear that I had consumed something I was unaware of. Despite recovering various data from that night, I have been unable to recover any memory.

On January 13, 2014, Claudia Alvarez was found in a ditch behind Birch Aquarium. She had been stabbed multiple times in her torso and neck. While she was still alive when discovered, she died of her wounds at the hospital. No weapon (of murder or self-implementation) was found. The death was eventually ruled a suicide, despite public outcries from her friends. Very few news websites reported the findings, and of those that did, none questioned anyone who knew her. The only interview done was a reporter asking a woman who frequently walked by the site where Alvarez's body was found if she still felt safe walking around there. She said that she did. San Diego County has one of the highest rates of suicide in the nation.

I am currently working on a project that merges these three nights and the stories that accompany them.

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