My recent artworks have developed from sculptural and collaborative processes. In working with others towards the centralized ontology of a sculpture, I'm focusing on the tension between participation and display and how those forces often produce divergent outcomes, especially when attempting site specific works. In September of 2014, I began working in Tijuana through a Fulbright research grant in installation art. With support from Ollin Calli, a regional labor rights group, Iím learning about Tijuana's complicated identity as an international hub for manufacturing and assembly plants. Having grown up in Phoenix my projects tend to place me in negotiation with similar, regional formations such as the Mex.-U.S. border. Previously, I worked with student engineers at the Salton Sea in Imperial Valley towards a stand-alone desalination system. Within these spaces I'm looking to establish momentary inversions of historical perception, or more geographically speaking, fissures across the massive conditions of social production.

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