Erick Msumanje

Erick Msumanje strives to push the boundaries of expressive cinematography, aesthetics, and storytelling. He received this Bachelor of Arts (2013) degree at Hampshire College's film, photography, and video program. His films, primarily focus on re-imagining the African continent, by creating stories that explore complex African realities in the past and present. This is done through his approach and style, which is a hybrid form of storytelling that combines visual poetry, expressive digital cinematography, disciplined performances, and immersive soundscapes. These allow him to move through time and space to creatively recreate experiences thought to be lost or inaccessible.

His other recent work, includes a short film called My Mother's Songs (2013) which was supported by the highly-competitive Princess Grace Awards. It examines intergenerational trauma through the eyes and lives of several young women in Tanzania. Secondly, The Devil's House (2012) tells the story of a mysterious young man who takes a journey clouded in blurred memory, displacement, and trauma. His work has screened at film festivals, video exhibitions, online streaming platforms, and television.

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