Ava Porter

I am a photographer, sculptor and installation artist. My work investigates the aesthetics of action.

My current project, "The Wrestlers," involves developing a method for generating a sculptural work from real-time motion. Using contemporary technologies such as 3D scanning and motion capture, I have digitally acquired the movement of two Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wrestlers (Farhad Akhmetov and Uri Faynsod) during a fight. This movement has been "crystallized" into a single form (or frame as in the motion blur captured by a photograph) and will be carved into real space by a CNC machine, then cast in translucent polyurethane-based resin. The result will be a life-size sculpture reminiscent of the 20th century Cubist and Futurist attempts to convey the passage of time within a single object, yet no longer representational and instead wholly objective.

"The Wrestlers" is made possible by in-kind support from xxArray, Xsens Motion Capture, the UCSD Visual Arts department, the UCSD Media Teaching Lab, and Rey Diogo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and financial support from the UCIRA Mini Grant, the UCSD Russel Grant, the UCSD Visual Arts Fellowship and crowdfunding. Special thanks to Tad Linfesty, Adriene Hughes, and Rey Diogo.

Sponsored by GSA and UCSD Vis Arts