sindhu thirumalaisamy

I am interested in the politics of listening in relation to spatial narratives. I make films, essays, sound compositions, walks, workshops and performances – often with others.
I approach listening as both an inward experience shaped by gender, technology, aesthetics and time; and as an outward gesture interested in the expansive and often unwieldy systems and environments within which we arrange our lives. My work attempts to disrupt and recompose hegemonic spatial narratives in favor of the possible, the temporary, or the systematically ignored. In doing this, I ask how we can reshape our expectations of different spaces.
I come from a culture that is traditionally oral, but rapidly experiencing the pervasive, visually oriented, influences of technology and the isolations encouraged by attention economies. Here, to quote Kate Lacey, the freedom of speech is championed, but little thought is given to what could constitute a freedom of listening. And here, I am listening for openings, which may be unstable or invisible, that offer possibilities to escape structures of containment or control.

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