Stefani Byrd

Stefani Byrd's practice includes video, new media, and interactive technologies. She is most noted for her interactive temporary public art installations, a hybrid of video and performance art, that both disorient and re-orient the viewer. Her current work involves creating interactive and immersive media environments.

Her most recent project, “The Razor’s Edge”, is a multi-channel video installation shown on individual HD monitors. In each video, performers exhale slowly against an unseen piece of glass, fogging and obscuring their faces in fleeting moments between breaths. As the warm breath touches the glass, the invisible barrier between performer and camera is revealed, dividing space into two sides. An exploration in impermanence and mediation, the work captures the breath - making it visible just long enough to be confronted by both performer and viewer.

She has received grants and support from groups such as: Creative Capital of New York, Flux Projects, the San Diego Art Institute, the San Diego Art Fair, Atlanta Celebrates Photography, and Idea Capital. Her work has been featured in such places as Public Art Review Magazine, the Huffington Post, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Hunter Museum of American Art, and Art Papers Magazine.

Byrd's work is held in the permanent collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia and the Columbus Museum of American Art. Her work is also archived as a part of the Public Art Database project.

Stefani Byrd received her BFA in Photography from Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, in 2008. She is currently a third year MFA candidate at the University of California San Diego with an emphasis in New Media and Art + Technology.

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