Trevor Amery

Whether employing saunas and coffees shared, public monuments, or power naps as platforms for artistic discourse, I am interested in what happens at the intersection of objects and gestures. Through sculpture, installation, media, and different forms of social practice I use physical and digital space as a means to both facilitate and frustrate communication and knowledge gathering and engage with different audiences.

I am fascinated by the post-knowledge, we-can-learn-everything-in-a-weekend mentalities that have become the aftermath of YouTube and online archives. In this vein of information democratization and deskilling, what does it really mean to be an expert and does that matter anymore? What does it mean to claim time and space for the betterment of one’s self? What does it take to be “present”? Through research, kinesthetic learning, action, and engagement my goal is to develop projects that complicate object ecologies, subvert function, shift orientations, and get to a place that is oblique or “more than the logic of.”

DATE NIGHT art fair (co-organizer)


“How to power nap during an exhibition” 2015

“How to remove stickers from wooden dowels” 2015

“How to make a table out of the wall” 2015

“How to saw one piece of wood into three pieces of wood” 2015

Audio from “What We Don’t Know, We Don’t Know” exhibition 2015

Sponsored by GSA and UCSD Vis Arts