Corey Dunlap

My work oscillates between the physical and the virtual, the actual and the imagined, linked by a preoccupation with how we represent and recognize the body. My practice incorporates sculptural and photographic techniques in the construction of 3D modeled objects and spaces. These forms are arranged, lit, and manipulated as if real. The resulting images depict moments of encounter between objects, often using misrecognition of form as a means of seduction. The reactionary qualities of these anonymous objects coupled with their life-like materials are on the one hand convincingly real while simultaneously maintain their falsehood. In this way, I am interested in providing the viewer with an image or object that never existed in a physical sense, but which nonetheless illicites a genuine response. It is my hope that these images serve as an opportunity for the viewer to ponder new ways in which the body can be interpreted in relation to the external world.

Sponsored by GSA and UCSD Vis Arts