Morgan Mandalay

You want to go to the snake, man? We're driving
through the desert. Alan and Ernie seem to know a
good time and when we pull up to the single wide they
let us know to walk just as they do. Inside, snake man is
fat and dirty and has stains all over his white shirt and
briefs. He pulls out his snakes. They are hissing and
rattling and I swear I think I'm gonna run out of this
damn trailer but then there's the dogs and what the hell
am I gonna do so I sit there and he's starts speaking in
tongues. He tells us never go do this, never go find a
snake in the desert. These things will kill you. He looks
at me and says, "One day I sat down on the toilet to
take a shit and when I flushed it, nothing but the shit
remained." I thought it was poetry and one of the
saddest things I'd heard but consensus in the car was
that he had faulty pipes.

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