Patricia Zambrano

Nadie muere de amor, ni por falta ni por sobra.
- Chavela Vargas

Pasarán más de mil años, muchos más
yo no sé si tenga amor, la eternidad
pero allá tal como aquí,
en la boca llevarás, sabor a mí.
- Eyde Gormé y Trio Los Panchos, Sabor a Mi

My work looks to summon up buried familial narratives of alter-kinship, love, transnational migration and home-making. At times these unearthings reveal photographic or filmic objects, and at other times they lead to physical gestures of undoing or unmaking. Not only am I interested in recovering what has been obscured, but how burial alters an object, so that what is dug up is not the same as that which was put in the ground.

Sponsored by GSA and UCSD Vis Arts