Sindhu Thirumalaisamy

How to unmake the assumption that power and vulnerability are opposing concepts?
How to destabilize scopic regimes of representation?
I come to these questions through a practice of expanded cinema and sound design. Following sound’s inability to be contained within Cartesian limits, my work engages a poetics of uncontainability across different sites, cultures and systems. I am interested in the bodies that listen as much as the worlds that they listen to. I approach listening as both an inward experience shaped by gender, ethnicity, technology, time; and as an outward gesture interested in the expansive and often unwieldy systems and environments within which we arrange our lives. I believe that to listen is a multisensory mode of engaging the world, just as “to view” a film entails much more than seeing. These considerations are palpable, though not necessarily categorizable, in my work across different audio-visual and textual media.

Since 2012 I have been working around the subject of illness, particularly in relation to dominant modes of defining the body – Western medicine and health sciences. At a different scale, I am interested in collective understandings of contamination, pollution, toxicity and, through them, vulnerability. While these topics remain central to my work, the borders always invite other interests.

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