Chris Head

Chris Head

Chris Head

Christopher Head is a software artist and MFA student at the University of California San Diego. Much of his work focuses on the intersection of software design and art practice to produce projects that take a variety of forms including computer visualization, simulation, games, and hardware hacking. Christopher received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from San Jose State University while working in the CADRE Laboratory for New Media. While at SJSU he also participated in the ISEA2006/ZeroOne festival as part of the Montalvo Arts Center visiting artist residency with Antoni Muntadas as well as a series of exhibitions and shows within the SJSU Art Department.


altbit is an attempt to bring together a collection of artists working in new media by leveraging open-source tools to create a series of "working shows". Leveraging tools more frequently used as collaborative software development platforms will allow the works and ultimately the show itself to be documented from inception to presentation. All the works will be released under one of several liberal, free-content licenses.


Ongoing research into the development of a scalable, massively multi-user system for the development of multi-platform "game-like" environments. Communication will be decentralized by means of a peer-to-peer networking infrastructure to allow an ongoing experience without the need for a central host. A carefully developed Model-View-Presenter system will allow for multi-platform interfaces, including embedded systems, command-line clients, etc.


"Kamza Bar Kamza" is a inter-disciplinary performance and an ongoing research and development project with the aim of creating a platform by which audience takes a central role in presentaion via physical, electronic, and visual feedback.


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