Dolissa Medina

Dolissa Medina

Dolissa Medina works with the moving image. She is the creator of more than ten film and video shorts, which have screened at numerous festivals including Rotterdam, Oberhausen, Germany, and Mix New York. She has exhibited at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City and the Oakland Museum of California, as well as at site-specific outdoor venues such as the side of fire station for San Francisco's 1906 Earthquake Centennial.

"As an artist, I look for hidden mythic patterns in news and historical accounts. Artifacts of a people's collective memory, they exist in a similar psychic space as architecture and environment, for events do not take place without location. In this sense, I am interested in charting the Legend of the city street. Memory, ancestry, history and public space are the themes of my work. What the Situationists called "psychogeography" informs my own evolving term, "cartomythography" - the mapping of urban space through mythologized storytelling."

Originally from South Texas, Medina began her film career in San Francisco, a city that continues to inspire much of her work. She holds journalism and history degrees from San Francisco State University, and is currently in the second year of her MFA program at UC-San Diego.


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